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Aquaculture Water Quality Monitoring

Aquaculture Monitoring

By monitoring and controlling the water quality parameters of the aquaculture within the optimum range of the fish species, the yield will directly increase. With the recent advancement of IoT technology, fish farm monitoring are made easier, allowing more fish farmer and enterprise to join aboard.

In our recent deployment, our client’s fish farm in Sarawak, Malaysia holds the highly valued fish; Tor Tambroides. A single fish can fetch up to SGD $4000, hence making water quality monitoring even more crucial.

Sarawak fish farm water quality monitoring

Cost, maintenance frequency and footprint of the aquaculture water quality monitoring solution are the main concerns by the client. Hence, the selection of sensors, power consumption as well as deployment will be the focus of the system. As a result, MJ Instruments deployed a floating buoy to house the water quality monitoring system which only needed to be calibrated once every 6 months. An anti-biofouling solution is also deployed to ensure that sensors data does not drift due to microorganism growth.

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