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KLD800 – Level Radar Sensor

KLD800 is designed as a flatted radar water level sensor, equipped with advanced 2.4GHz radar technology from Germany and a patented signal processor to provide accurate and reliable water level data.

The product uses the pulsed radar principle to determine the water level without making direct contact with the water making it insensitive to mud, floating material, aquatic plants, and corrosive/harmful substances such as sewage and brackish water. KLD800 is excellent where silt, debris, or water traffic could damage the submersible sensor. The sensor can easily be installed or relocated as no structures are required to be installed inside the water.

Applications include open channel monitoring, waste discharge monitoring, pollution control monitoring, and more!

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Working Principle Radar
Level Range 0.4m to 40m
Minimum Level 40cm
Level Accuracy ±3mm
Level Resolution 1mm
Flow Range 0.05m/s to 20m/s
Flow Accuracy ±1% FS
Flow Resolution 0.01m/s
Communication Protocol RS232/RS485 Digital Output
Operating Temperature -10 to 60oC
Power Supply 12VDC
Power Consumption 6W


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