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KLDV10-DFV – Flow Sensor

KLDV10-DFV Flow Sensor provide reliable and stable data for monitoring flow rate in small/medium open channel.

Flow Range 0.01 to 5m/s (customizable up to 10m/s)
Flow Accuracy ±1%
Flow Resolution 1mm
Temperature Range -5 to 60oC
Temperature Accuracy ±1oC
Water Level Range 0 to 10m
Water Level Accuracy ±0.2% (minimum of 2cm water depth)
Working Principle Doppler Ultrasound
Operating Temperature 0 to 60oC
Power Supply 12VDC
Installation Method Channel bed / Channel side wall
Communication Protocol RS485 Standard Modbus
Measured Parameters Flow Velocity, Flow Volume, Water Level, Water Temperature
Applications Small & Medium River, Irrigation, Canal, Discharge