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MJ-WQA200 – Water Quality Analyzer

The polyethylene housing offers the user light yet durable protection for the components in the analyzer.

Suitable to deploy even in a corrosive environment.

Data stability and reliability are enhanced by quality components.

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MJ-WQA200 water quality analyzer is developed and manufactured by MJ Instruments.

MJ can further customize the housing to suit special requirements (e.g. Explosion-proof housing)

Multiple customizable parameters in a single unit analyzer lower the initial capital cost of the water quality monitoring solution and the flexibility of a smaller footprint.

Applications include surface water monitoring, seawater monitoring, groundwater monitoring, wastewater plant, pollution control, research studies, rainwater monitoring and etc.

Contact us today to customize your water quality analyzer solution!


Security Management : User, admin, super-admin
Operation Control : Automated, manual
Measurement Interval : User-defined (time, time-interval, command trigger)
Calibration Interval : User-defined (time, time-interval, command trigger)
Accuracy : ± 5%
Zero Point Drift : 5%
Range Drift : 5%
Signal Output : RS483/RS232 Modbus, 4-20mA
Fluid Level Alert : High, low (reagent, sample, DI water, calibration standard)
Abnormality Alert : Concentration range, calibration range, heating, leak
Sample Pressure : Atmospheric
Waste Pressure : Atmospheric
Reagent Storage : 10 – 30oC
Reagent Replacement : 3 – 4 weeks
Operating Temperature : 5 – 40oC
IP Rating : IP55
MTBF : 720hr
Display : Colour touchscreen
Languages : English, Chinese (traditional, simplified)
Power Input : AC 220V (50/60Hz), AC 110V (50/60Hz), DC 12V