MJ-WQA400 Water Quality Analyzer

The portable design housing allows transportation via vehicle/boat for emergency monitoring deployment.

MJ-WQA400 also allow two simultaneous analysis to be carried out at the same time to shorten the total analysis for the multi-parameter analyzer.

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MJ-WQA400 is a multiple water quality portable analyzer developed and manufactured by MJ Instruments Private Limited.

MJ-WQA400 water quality analyzer is equipped with an imported CPU, a highly precise signal processor, and a simple yet stable flow path.

These configurations reduce signal fluctuation, ensuring data stability and accuracy.

The electrical and water compartment are designed to be separated to ensure long-lasting operation of the analyzer.

With fully customisable parameters in a single unit analyzer, it lowers the initial capital cost of the water quality monitoring solution and the flexibility of smaller footprint.

The application of the analyzer includes surface water monitoring, seawater monitoring, groundwater monitoring, wastewater plant, pollution control, researches studies, rainwater monitoring and etc.


• Stable and reliable: Industrial grade quality, separate electrical and water compartment ensuring long-lasting operation

• Precise volume measurement: CPU direct control of valves to ensure simple, fast and accuracy measurement

• Easy installation: Quality and system check are done in the factory to ensure analyzer passes acceptance test. During deploying, plug all tubes and analyzer is ready for measurement

• Auto-calibration: User can set the analyzer for auto-calibration; an alert will be sent if there is abnormality detected during calibration

• Auto-measurement: User can set the analyzer for auto measurement; analyzer will remain in idle mode between measurement interval

With a wide range of parameters, MJ Instruments is able to provide our clients with a customisable and complete solution based on their requirements and budget. Below is a list of the common parameters (not limited to this table):

Water Quality Analyzer Available Parameters:

Acetone Oxime Iron Ion / Total Iron
Aluminum Ion / Total Aluminum Lead Ion / Total Lead
Ammonia Manganese Ion / Total Manganese
Aniline Nickle Ion / Total Nickel
Anionic Surfactant Nitrate
Antimony Ion / Total Antimony Nitrite
Arsenic Ion / Total Arsenic Phenol
Boron Phosphate
Bromate Residual Chlorine
Bromide Selenium Ion / Total Selenium
Cadmium Ion / Total Cadmium Silicate
Chemical Oxygen Demand Silver Ion / Total Silver
Chloride Ion Sodium Ion
Chromium III Sulfate
Chromium ion / Total Chromium Sulfide
Chromium VI Total Acidity
Cobalt Ion / Total Cobalt Total Alkalinity
Copper Ion / Total Copper Total Chlorine
Cyanide Ion / Total Cyanide Total Hardness
Electroplating (Nickel) Total Nitrogen
Fluoride Ion Total Organic Compound
Free Acidity Total Phosphorus
Free Alkalinity Volatile Phenol
Hydrazine Zinc Ion / Total Zinc

Parameters not available in this table can also be integrated into the analyzer.

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Security Management

3 access account layer (user, admin, super-admin)

Measurement Control

Manual, Automatic

Measurement Interval

User-defined (real-time clock, 􀆟me interval, signal trigger)

Calibration Interval

User-defined (real-time clock, 􀆟me interval, signal trigger)



Zero Point Drift


Range Point Drift


Signal Output

4-20mA, RS232/RS485 Modbus

Fluid Level Alert

High limit and low limit (reagent, sample, DI water, standard)

Abnormality Alert

Concentration, calibration, heating, leak

Sample Pressure


Waste Pressure


Reagent Storage

10 – 30 Deg C

Reagent Replacement

3 – 4 weeks (depend on storage temperature)

Operating Temperature

5 to 40 Deg C

IP Rating



> 720hr


Colour Touchscreen


English, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified)

Power Input

AC 220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz, DC12V


500 x 468 x 220 (H x W x D)


~20kg (without reagent)