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WQS485EC – Conductivity

WQS485EC is a digital output water conductivity sensor developed and manufactured by MJ Instruments.

With the sensor body filled internally which acts as sensor weights as well as protecting the electronic components, the sensor is well suited for long-term deployment.

The body is built with corrosive-resistant material, allowing it to be deployed at industrial discharge for pollution monitoring. Different housing is also available upon request.

With standard RS485 Modbus output, it is easy to integrate the sensor into the commercial controllers.


Model : WQS485EC
Maximum Pressure : 50Psig
Communication : RS485 Modbus
IP Rating : IP68
Power Input : DC12V
Measurement Method : Graphite
Parameter : Conductivity Temperature
Range : 0 to 5/20 ms/cm 0 to 50oC
Accuracy : ±1% FS ±0.2
Resolution : 0.001 0.1