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MJPH-2021-EC1-M10FF – pH Electrode

Industrial-graded pH electrode:

  1. Low internal resistance
  2. Annular ceramic junction; higher contact surface, less clogging, withstand the highly polluted environment, stable and accurate
  3. UV resistance blue glass prevents polarization of Ag/AgCl, increasing service life
Model : MJPH-A-2021-EC1-M10FF / M30FF
Operating Temp : -5 to 100 oC
Range : 0.00 to 14.00 pH
Maximum Pressure : 50 Psig
Junction : Ceramic
Reference : Ag / AgCl (Double Junction)
Reference Electrolyte : 3.8M KCl (non-refillable)
Measuring Tip : UV Resistance Blue Glass Bulb
Cable Length : 3m for model M10FF

10m for model M30FF