Water quality sensor and analyzer manufacturer, we make the hardware you need.

Water is complex, yet water quality monitoring does not need to be difficult. As a water quality sensor and analyzer manufacturer, MJ Instruments is able to offer a wide range of products which suit your needs. Let us customize a solution for you today


Water Quality

Water Level

Water Velocity & Flow

Data Logging and Telemetry 

Auto Sampler



Surface Water Monitoring

Aquaculture Management

Wastewater Monitoring

Seawater Monitoring

Waterwork Monitoring

Groundwater Monitoring

Industrial Discharge Management


Sales of Data Model

Equipment Rental

System Integration

Data Hosting and Visualization

Operation and Maintenance 

Get to know MJ Instruments

MJ Instruments is setup by people with over 20 year experience in the water industry. Our top priority has always been developing and manufacturing solution based on our users needs. Our internal R&D, production, technical support, and sales team have been constantly providing a complete support to our client in their project requirements. 

With a wide range of products develop and manufactured by MJ Instruments, we are also the distributor for many well-known international brands. MJ Instruments deliver the right tools for the right people when data accuracy matter. 

Currently, our products are deployed in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and China. We are always striving to expand our businesses across the world. Do let us know if you are keen in project collaboration or as a distributor of our products in your country.

Extensive List of Sensors and Analyzers Parameters

MJ Instruments is able to integrate multiple parameters (including sensors) into single analyzer. Please contact us for further information. Thank you. 

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