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KLD801 – Radar Flow Sensor

KLD801 – Radar Flow Sensor uses radar sensor technology to measure the water level and velocity of the open channel. With the real-time collection of water level information and average velocity, the data is calculated with the open channel topography information to generate flow information.

KLD801 – Radar Flow Sensor uses non-contact detection, which reading is not affected by temperature, rainfall, muddy water, sludge, and aquatic plant. With its high detection accuracy and strong anti-interference characteristic, it can be adapted to various types of open channels in different environments.

With build-in wind speed and wind direction meter, the water surface velocity affected by the wind is automatically compensated.

Applications include open channel monitoring, waste discharge monitoring, pollution control monitoring, and more!

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Working Principle Radar
Level Range 0.4m to 40m
Minimum Level 40cm
Level Accuracy ±3mm
Level Resolution 1mm
Flow Range 0.05m/s to 20m/s
Flow Accuracy ±1% FS
Flow Resolution 0.01m/s
Communication Protocol RS232/RS485 Digital Output
Operating Temperature -10 to 60oC
Power Supply 12VDC
Power Consumption 6W

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